Ambitious targets have been decided upon for the use of renewable energy within the Euro¬pean union to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Today it turns out more and more that without substantial investments in the electrical power grid and techniques for manage¬ment of variable loads the targets can hardly be met. Using surplus electrical energy for the production of hydrogen via alkaline water electrolysis will in the same time help starting the hydrogen-based electrical propulsion using fuel cells. Alkaline electrolysers today however do not yet meet the technical and cost requirements for this purpose.
The outcome of this project will be an electrolyser fitting in these requirements. A major mar¬ket for this product is expected in the next years. Hydrogenics already today produces and sells alkaline water electrolysers that are also operated coupled to RES. However an im¬provement in costs, partial load operation, efficiency and life time will substantially increase the market possibilities.