The project RESelyser develops high pressure, highly efficient, low cost alkaline water electrolysers that can be integrated with renewable energy power sources (RES) using an advanced membrane concept, highly efficient electrodes and a new cell design.
The project is to develop a prototype of an improved electrolyser. In this innovative materials and components, especially electrodes and separators will be utilised. These are to enhance the efficiency, reliability, durability and to reduce the costs of the electrolyser when operated variably and intermittently, as is demanded by integration into energy net¬works with renewable energy.
High efficiency, i.e. small loss of energy when transforming electrical to chemical energy, will be demonstrated. A stability of this efficiency during long term operation in on/off cycles, as needed when operated with RES, will be demonstrated with an extrapolation to a lifetime of 10 years. In the same time low costs for the system are the target.