Electrolyser Cell and Stack Concepts:

To test the e-bypass separator concept, a single cell of technical area (300 cm^2) was designed and built and tests using the new materials were started. The actual design, testing and construction of an electrolyser based on the hollow membrane principle, has so far been successfully addressed. A first executed single cell stack has been delivered to DLR, an improved version is being developed and constructed.

 exploded view single cell

In parallel, the alpha-prototype of a 10 kW stack based on this concept including the e-bypass separators and coated electrodes and designed for an operation at 10 bar was conceived, designed and built. This stack consists of 26 cells (10-12 kW), all incorporating the novel membrane as well as anodes and cathodes with plasma sprayed catalytic coatings.

It is planned to build a short stack with large scale technical size (2,500 cm2 cell area) operated above 25 bar and designed to be adapted to 100 bar operation. Achieving the successful operation of this stack would represent an outcome of the project very close to technical realization.

 Realisation of 10 kW stack