Membrane Diaphragms:

The advanced membrane separator concept, the “e-bypass separator” is proposed as one of the key elements required to achieve the technical goals of the project. The “e-bypass separator” is a three-layer composite separator membrane. It is composed of two adjacent separator layers, with an interposed electrolyte bypass-channel, which enables a third stream of fresh electrolyte between and across the separator layer. The “e-bypass separator” should allow wider operating range at lower load and higher pressure. The separator is using low prize materials and a production method (today still in pilot plant scale in the lab) that can easily be transferred to industrial production.
Different versions of “e-bypass separator” have been developed and produced in 300cm^2 size and with a total thickness (including the internal electrolyte channel) ranging from 1.4mm to 3.2 millimeter. Separator properties critical to performance in alkaline electrolysis (ionic resistance, pore size and permeability) were optimized for the operational conditions of interest in the project. Electrochemical testing in single cell experiments is in progress and will provide the ultimate proof of concept.

double layer diaphragm with internal KOH supply (“E-bypass membrane”)

Double side coated PPS spacer-fabric.

total thickness approx. 2.4 mm.
ZirfonTM(ZrO2/polymer composite) dual layer, individual layer thickness approx. 0.5 mm
interposed free electrolyte channel, 1.4 mm